Development Update #3: Prototyping Terroir Version 2.0

Hey, everyone!

Wow, 2017 already. One year into development, and we've still got some way to go. The upside is we've been making some pretty good progress. The plot thickened after we decided on the hexagonal tile system and the new look, and now, we've finally got stuff to show you.

Pavel Novak, our new 3D Designer, has really given Terroir a wonderful new look, and Celson is flourishing the game with sleek and simple UI design. Jenny - as usual - has been relentless. From our successful Steam Greenlight campaign, through the holiday season and all the way to early into the new year, she's laid the groundwork for Terroir V2, making a potential release of the game by around April quite realistic. So what have we been up to? I'll let her do the talking (with background muzak).

Note: Lighting during nighttime is something we're working on - you'll definitely be able to see much more (including all surrounding tiles) through ambient lighting, as well as objects like campfires.