Terroir Has Officially Been Greenlit By Steam

Few things are ever truly memorable. An excellent example for me is the morning I woke up to an email from our Lead Programmer titled "We Did It!!!". The mail had no words on it - just an embedded image. The image looked something like this:

After 26 days in Steam Greenlight, Terroir was officially approved by Steam to be sold via their platform. A platform that has over 125 million active users. A platform that has become synonymous with PC gaming. Against all odds and facing competition from games with larger fanbases (and even games designed by ex-big studio game designers), we somehow made it. We got greenlit with around 100 other games from a pool of several hundred entries.

We weren't supposed to be here. We're just a small group of nobodies.

But here we are, out of nowhere.

Thank you all so much for all your support. We'll never forget this day - the day General Interactive Co. got their very first game greenlit in less than a month. We couldn't have done it without you.

Now, what lies before us is the biggest challenge we've had in our video game design lives: to make Terroir the best game it can be, and to take you to a place where you are the master of your own world, far far away from the disenchantment of real life.

We're savoring this moment for now, but you'll hear regular updates from us as we kick development into high gear.

Wish us luck. We'll need it!