Our Gameplay Demo Video For Terroir Is Here

We're quite excited to share a short playthrough video of our very first video game, Terroir.

So here's the backstory. Of all the video game genres out there, the one that I probably spend the most time (and money) playing are city building and business tycoon games. Growing up, it was games like Theme Park, Theme Hospital, Caesar III (and all the classic city building games released by the legendary Sierra Entertainment), and the Civilization Series that turned me into a hardcore gamer. These days, except for a few notable titles released in the past 5 years, the tycoon genre is a shadow of it once was. It's not so much in terms of quantity - the Steam catalog has a pretty robust collection of tycoon games - but more about quality and variety. Social games like Farmville changed he landscape, and a lot of copycat games are flooding the market. 

One day, while enjoying a glass of Chateauneuf du Pape, I started wondering about the winemaking process. I dove into as many books (mostly audiobooks, thanks to my long commutes to work every day) about the craft and history of wine, and realized this would make an mazing game. Winemaking is a very interesting process. It's a craft that's thousands of years old, and few people really know the hard work and luck that goes into it. Key to the winemaking process is the concept of "Terroir" - the massive influence that climate and soil play has on wine production. On good years when the weather is pleasant and predictable, vineyards produce very valuable high-quality wines. But on bad years, when a winemaking region gets too much or too little rain, or when frost or storms disrupt the growth cycle, you get some pretty dismal wine. Anything can happen.

It was a great idea for a tycoon game. So, I got in touch with Jenny Hide, a programmer I met online, and my good friend, Armand, and we sat down and started thinking about the game. Within a month, we had our game design document. Together with our other teammates, Celson, Farhan and Raf, we created the 3D models, the flat art and the User Interface design, and started working.

Fast-forward to 7 months later, and we finished the alpha stage of Terroir. We're through the roof. We're giddy with excitement. And so, ladies and gentlemen, we present you Terroir - a winemaking tycoon game.