Terroir: A Winemaking Tycoon Game

Terroir is a game that puts the Player in control of their own wine estate. Players grow different varieties of grapes, manage the vineyard, craft wine, oversee the business and expand the estate. 

Some of the game's features and mechanics include:

  • Choose from a selection of different red and white grape varieties, from the hardy Cabernet Sauvignon to the fragile Pinot Noir, each with their own demands.
  • Dynamic weather system patterned after the Bordeaux wine region's climate.
  • Each complete playthrough lasts 100 in-game years, but Players can continue playing without contributing to their final score.
  • Craft wine through the game's 4 winemaking processes: Crushing, Fermentation, Pressing and Ageing. Each type of grape needs to be crafted a certain way to achieve the best results, so you'll have to learn and master each one.
  • Start out with a single planting tile, then expand your Chateau to up to 33 tiles, using 6 different tile types. Some tiles affect the ones around it, so placement is key.
  • CHANCE & CIRCUMSTANCE: Terroir's random event and mission system. Players can open the Mystery Box and choose between CHANCE (a random event that could either have a positive or undesirable outcome) or CIRCUMSTANCE (a mission that a Player completes for rewards, or gets penalized for failing).
  • Clean, minimalist design and gorgeous low-poly 3D models.
  • Original soundtrack composed and performed by Singapore's CLARQuinet ensemble.
  • Available in English and Simplified Chinese, with plans for French, Russian, Portuguese and Italian.

Release Date: May 17, 2017 on Steam Early Access

Price: $9.99


The Creators: General Interactive Co.

General Interactive Co. is a small team of game designers based out of Singapore and the United Kingdom. Mark Fillon (Creative Director) and Jenny Hide (Lead Programmer) have a passion for great tycoon and management games, and have dedicated most of their waking hours adding their contributions to the already vibrant genre.

Pavel Novak (3D Art Director), Raf Banzuela (2D Art Director), Elliot Padfield (Animator) and Celson Durante (UI Designer) round off the rest of the team.




Screenshots (In-Game)